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2012 Christmas Letter

posted 29 Nov 2012, 12:13 by Peter Moore

The Christmas season is once again upon us and as my children get older, it seems that this yearly celebration goes by faster and faster! I know time really doesn’t speed up but I am left wondering where the time has gone. Looking at baby pictures that line the walls of our basement makes me feel, not just old, but sad that life often seems to pass so quickly. I find myself wishing that I could just slow everything down so I could spend more time treasuring every moment.

 As Jesus’ mother, Mary must have understood this feeling. Amidst all the excitement of an angel appearing, a nine month pregnancy, giving birth in a stable, shepherds visiting, and a hasty escape to another land, Mary knew it was important to treasure every moment.

 But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. Luke 2:51

 This Christmas I pray that we to will take the time to treasure the moments and reflect on what the birth of Jesus truly means for us. During this time of year when we can so easily get caught up in all the excitement, may we find time to get back to the heart of Christmas and considering what is really important.

 Of course, as Christmas draws near so to does the end of the year. It is hard to believe that the end of 2012 is within sight. In many ways it has been a challenging year and some of these challenges will continue into 2013. However, God has been faithful and He has provided.

 I believe with all my heart that God is doing amazing things in and through His people here at DBC. Let us be encouraged to keep praying, keep growing and keep giving.   

 Often we experience some of God’s greatest blessings after coming through times of great struggle. As 2012 comes to a close let us celebrate not only our Saviour’s birth but God’s faithfulness. Let us also pray that the God who did miracles in 2012 will again make His presence known to us in 2013.