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Learning about Lent/Preparing for Easter

posted 13 Feb 2013, 11:54 by Peter Moore
Something you may not know about me...I went to a Catholic High School. It was a public school but there was still a connection to the Catholic Church. I must admit I'm not sure what the connection was exactly and how it played out behind the scenes. Nor do I know if it remains today but what I do know is that when I went there, we knew it was a Catholic school.

How did we know you ask... well we had a school priest and there were religion classes. I am not sure exactly what they did in those classes because I wasn't required to go. Not being Catholic, I went to Study Hall were I proceeded to get all my homework done so I thought the system was great. 

Every so often all the students in "religion classes" joined up with the all girls Catholic (public) school and went to Mass together. Again, I didn't have to go but I must admit I was a little curious, especially on Ash Wednesday. After Ash Wednesday, all the Catholic students came back from Mass with a little black cross on their forehead. Of course, most of them had it washed off long before lunch but I just wondered what it was all about. Unfortunately, I never got up the courage to ask... it was High School after all and you weren't suppose to talk about that in a public school (even if it was a "Catholic School"). 

Well my High School days are long gone and so to is my ignorance about that little black cross. I now understand a lot more about Catholic traditions and I am proud to have many friends who not only grew up in the Catholic tradition but have explained many of those traditions to me. I have also learned a great deal about Lent and how the Lenten tradition can be helpful as Christians prepare for Easter.

Since High School I have learned that we must not be quick to judge other Christian traditions, in particular Lent. It's kind of ironic that many of us take part in Shrove Tuesday (we had pancakes at our house last night!) but want nothing to do with Lent. While I don't feel obligated to give anything up for Lent, I do feel like I should be preparing for Easter. Spending extra time reflecting on Jesus and His sacrifice is never a bad thing. I now look forward to Lent and preparing for the most glorious Sunday of the year- Easter!

A little bonus-Here's a link to an article on Lent that I found interesting if you want to do some more reading on the topic...