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Miracles...Yesterday's News or Current Events

posted 20 Feb 2013, 09:11 by Peter Moore
What a relief... that's one of many feelings I had after this past Sunday. 

It was a relief to be able to have church in the first place! What is it with all these weekend storms anyway. I understand that we live in Canada-Hey I even like winter! I spent a couple of hours with Leah and the little guy from next door building a snow fort on the weekend. But really do we have to get all our snow on the weekends. It can really slow people down and keep them home on Sundays. That being said, what a blessing it was to see so many people brave the snow (and the forecaste) the last couple of Sundays. 

What a relief it was to finally get started on our Easter series. I know Easter is early and normally it would still be another few weeks before we could start Lent but this year I am just really excited to be exploring the topic of Miracles. It feels like I have been learning about Miracles for so long and that God has been teaching me so much. Now it's finally time to share and study together about God's miracles! 

And so our journey has begun...what a relief... and what exciting times. Do you believe in Miracles? Have you experience a miracle in your life? Are you ready for more miracles? When God shows up, miracles happen!

Here are a few random points from our time together on Sunday...

The word miracle is connected to three key concepts/words in the Bible: Sign, Wonder, Power.

Miracles are signs that point to something.
Miracles can be describe as both being wonders and bringing about wonder.
Miracles are acts if divine power.

Miracles are acts of God that proclaim His sovereign power over creation as well as His commitment to and love for people.
Miracles are essentially expressions of God's glory, provision and salvation.

Let the journey (and Miracles) continue!