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posted 24 Jan 2013, 07:37 by Peter Moore
Well it's been a while...I guess my resolution to blog more in 2013 is starting to fade. Maybe I can blame it on the cold about this for an fingers have been too cold to type!

Anyway, I've found a few moments and I thought I would share a few things I have been reading. I'm still thinking a lot about prayer lately and came across the following chapter in a book I am reading through (again)- "All Prayer Requests Are Not Created Equal." This chapter and a number of things in it caused me to really think. The author's honesty was both refreshing and challenging. Sometimes I found myself agreeing, other times disagreeing and often feeling like someone had just slapped me (hence the title of this post). All and all a good read!

Here are a few things that I read in the chapter. You can decide for yourself whether you agree, disagree or need to say ouch!

"We spend more prayer energy trying to keep sick Christians out of heaven than trying to keep lost people out of hell." James Walker

"We often pray to escape our difficulties rather than embrace discipleship." Daniel Henderson

"The fundamental difference between our prayer lists and the prayer concerns we find in the Bible is that we pray about personal problems, while most of the biblical prayers focus on Christ's purposes." Daniel Henderson

Some food for thought on a cold January day.

Lord, teach us to pray!