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Sabbatical Information

posted 26 Jan 2015, 12:25 by Peter Moore
Douglas Baptist Church
Sabbatical 2015

Some general information about Pastor Peter’s sabbatical and how DBC will continue to minister as a church body during this time.

What is a sabbatical?
A sabbatical leave offers a pastor time to retreat from the day-to-day pressures, to rejuvenate their own soul, deepen family connection, renew vision, research new possibilities to fulfill it, and return with a restored passion. 

How long will Pastor Peter be on sabbatical?
Pastor Peter’s sabbatical is 3 months. It will begin on Wednesday, February 4 and end on Sunday, May 3. His first day back will be Monday, May 4.

What will Pastor Peter be doing on his sabbatical?
Pastor Peter’s sabbatical will consist of three main components: 1-Personal Reflection/Renewal, 2-Family Time and 3-Learning/Education.
Within each area, Pastor Peter has set goals and sought the Church Deacons input/approval. 
Here are a few of the highlights and some examples of how Pastor Peter will be spending his time while on Sabbatical:
Processing the events of Leah’s illness (and implications for ministry) by sorting through and compiling journal entries, notes, etc… written at that time.
A study of the life and writings of King David
At least one week away with Patricia for marriage renewal
Spending weekends with and/or visiting family
Attending the Simpson Lectures at Acadia Divinity College
Attending the Exponential Conference in Tampa, FL
Reading Week in Moncton, NB

At the end of each month brief summary reports will be forwarded to the Deacons Ministry. A final summary report will be given to the Church Council through the Deacon’s Ministry no more than two (2) months following the sabbatical completion, and disseminated to the congregation as appropriate.

Will Pastor Peter be away for his sabbatical?
There will be times when Pastor Peter is out of town during his sabbatical. However, those times will be staggered so as not to put undue hardship on his family. 

Where will Pastor Peter be going to church while he is on Sabbatical?
Pastor Peter will miss worshipping with his DBC family, however, in order to retreat from the pressures of ministry, he will be attending other churches during his sabbatical. This will also provide Pastor Peter with a unique opportunity to experience different styles of worship and gain insights that will benefit our congregation going forward.

What if I see Pastor Peter while he is on sabbatical, can I talk to him?
Of course, Pastor Peter considers each of us to be his friend so if you see him while out and about by all means stop and chat. Please do, however, try to respect the fact that we are providing him with time to step back from pastoral ministry and the stresses that come with it.

Who will do Pastor Peter’s “job” while he is on Sabbatical?
The Deacons have been working with Pastor Peter to assure that all our basic needs are met during this time. That being said, we all must work together and be patient, realizing that we are in a different season and there may be things we miss.

The Deacons have asked Dan Grove to step in on a part-time basis while Pastor Peter is away. He has been asked to work for 15 hours a week at DBC. Dan Grove’s main responsibilities will be in the area of preaching and visitation (with specific focus on crisis situations). Dan is also looking forward to doing some general visitation as time allows. Dan will be in the church office on Wednesdays and will attend Deacons Ministry Meetings. While the rest of our church staff are supportive of Pastor Peter’s sabbatical and willing to help make it happen, our goal is to not burden them with a great deal of extra responsibility. The Deacons will be also stepping up and are willing to be called upon.

What if there is a death in our church or community?
Dan Grove will be available to officiate at any funerals that arise. He has pastoral experience and has been involved at many funerals. If Pastor Peter is in the area, he is willing to participate but Dan G. will seek to support the family and work with the funeral home to coordinate all the details. Of course, Pastor Dan Pyke is also available (as always) to officiate or participate. 

Who do I contact if…
I am in need (financially) or know someone in need?
You can contact the church office.  Any calls that come to the church requesting benevolent help will be dealt with by Pastor Dan G. on Wednesdays.
I have a question about the Sunday Service?
Cindy Grasse, our Worship Ministry Coordinator, works closely with Pastor Peter on a regular basis in this area. She will be putting together the order of service while Pastor Peter is away in consultation with Pastors Dan P. and Dan G. Please speak to her if you need info about a particular service.
Please note the following individuals can be contacted if you need assistance or have questions:
Church Moderator (who chairs Council): Roger Price Deacons: Sonny Urquhart (Coordinator), David Anderson, Bob Bettle, Frank Gordon, Clarence Sherman