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What is Prayer?

posted 7 Jan 2013, 06:40 by Peter Moore
This is the question I woke up thinking about this morning...what is prayer? How does one define exactly what prayer is?

I'm not convinced there is one easy answer. I know that's what we like...easy answers. Something straight forward, to the point and easy to understand but when it comes to prayer we are talking about interacting with God- it is both simple and complex...straightforward and at the same time miraculous! Just when I think I've got prayer all figured out, I am amazed by God again! 

Here are a few answers to the question I woke up thinking about:

Prayer is at its essence, talking and listening to God.
Prayer is communication between the heavenly Father and his children.
Prayer is a cry for help to the mighty Creator.
Prayer is an expression of praise and worship to the King of Kings.
Prayer is a call for guidance during fearful, confusing times.
Prayer is essentially depending on God. (Daniel Henderson in Transforming Prayer)
Prayer is intimacy with God that leads to the fulfillment of his purposes. (Alvin Reid)

These answers are helpful, yet prayer is so much more than this. Prayer is many things-the more we explore it and engage in it, the more we learn just how amazing this thing we call prayer is!

Lord help me to understand what prayer is...