Sunday Mornings


Our baby nursery is located in room 305 (upstairs).  Babies (0-24 months) can be brought to this room before the service begins, or anytime during the service where our caring volunteers are serving to look after your children.  Remember to communicate your expectations for your child with the volunteers, and to send along everything they may need (diapers, clothes, snack)

Our preschool children (age 2-4) can go to room 303 before the service as well.  Please send along a snack for your child, and anything that the volunteers may need (especially a change of clothes if your child is still pottytraining!)  Our preschool children will be exploring material called "The Gospel Project," covering the same or similar stories as our older children in JAM Time will be exploring.

JAM Time
JAM stands for "Jesus and Me," and is the name we've given to our worship time with our older children (grades K-5).  There is no snack time for these children, and we are using a curriculum called "The Gospel Project" as we lead our children to worship Jesus.  We believe that it's important for our children to have a biblical foundation and understand how God is at work in the story of Scripture, both in the Old Testament, and by showing up as Jesus in the New Testament.  Each week, we will make available the questions that are used in our small group time. We encourage parents to review the story with their children and make use of these questions during family devotions.  JAM Time begins and ends in the Loft (room 301), although children will move to smaller rooms throughout the morning for small group times.