We are so excited about our ladies' event for 2015!

This will be a full day event full of friendship, learning, and plenty of laughs, for all ladies age 18-108. This day long retreat will include lunch, supper, and coffee breaks.

There is more than food too! LOL. Our day long "cruise" will have some exciting activities planned by our Cruise Director "Julie". These activities include: workshops, fun-filled games and activities, a special speaker, music, Spa-time and so much more! 

All this to look forward to and the cost is only $40*. To register complete the registration form to the right or get a paper form form the church office.

Invite your female friends, co-workers, neighbours, sisters, daughters and mothers. More announcements coming soon. Storm date is Feb 7th.

*If finances are an issue please contact Patricia Moore. We want you to come :)

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December 9, 2014 -  We just had a planning meeting and Oooh... we can hardly wait for this great event!!! But that means we've got a lot of work to do. The sooner people respond, the sooner we can finalize events. So thank you for registering early - it means a lot to us!!

--Patricia and the gang (A.K.A.:Le, Luanna, Jerusha, and Myria)

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Why should I come to Ladies Winter Escape?
1) Because we will miss you if you do not come! 
2) You should come to relax, and enjoy yourself.  
3) You should come to build more and/or deeper friendships. 
4) You should come because, you won’t know how good this will be if you don’t come! 
5) You should come so you can learn something new and have lots of fun with other women.  

Why does this cost $40?
We have worked through our budget many times to come up with the best cost we could.  We feel that $40 is a fair fee for a full day event which includes:
2 meals
coffee break
drinks all day
evening treats (candy and more!)
a wonderful speaker
2 different workshops 
service projects

Think what else you do that costs $40….a movie and snacks at the theatre…..a meal out at a middle of the road restaurant…how about your coffee obsession…. You could do all these things but they are fleeting moments in time. At the Ladies Winter Escape you can make some great friends, eat great food and make some wonderful memories. 

PLEASE do not let cost keep you away, if you have a financial concern please, please, contact Patricia Moore to see what we can do for you. We want you here with us!

Who is the Ladies Winter Escape for?
Ladies Winter Escape 2015 is for all ladies age 18-108 who would like to come together for a wonderful day of laughter, learning and friendship.  

What will we be doing?
Well, simply put, you won’t be bored! At this full day retreat you will enjoy such things as music, games, spa time, a speaker, “Just Dance”, service projects and a choice of two workshops.  There will be plenty of time to visit, chat and relax too. Feel free to bring your knitting and crocheting to use during free time! 

What will we be eating?
Candy!!!! All day!!!!  Just kidding. Your lunch and supper meals will be supplied by Edwina’s catering and will be very yummy: Meatballs, rice, rolls and Egg rolls for supper;  a variety of sandwiches/wraps, nacho dips, fruit, veggie tray, chips, pickles for lunch.   Cold drinks will be provided all day long and there will also be two coffee breaks with tea, coffee and light snacks. We will also have, a Candy Buffet, but we will also have fruit and veggies available during the evening portion of our day.  

Can I invite my friends, neighbours, co-workers etc., to come with me and will they enjoy themselves?
We sure do hope you invited friends to come with you.  We also believe that this day will be full of fun and very interesting.  We think ladies of every age will enjoy themselves.  We hope to provide a welcoming, non-threatening environment where we can laugh and learn together. 

NOTE: Work Shops
Some workshops may require that you bring some supplies with you. We will email you in advance to let you know what you should bring. If you don't hear from us, we got it covered for you.

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