Who can come?
This is a FUN event for ladies, university age and up. This exciting evening will be full of fun, food and friendship. There will be a Spa Room, group games, a new Game Show, a Talent Show and a Special Guest. So invite your friends, your sisters, your mother, your co-worker, your neighbour, or any woman that you think could use a night of FUN.

To get your ticket(s) register: online, at the church office, or at the Welcome Desk at church on Sunday mornings.

If you register, and pay your $20 registration fee, by
January 31st, 2016
you will have a chance to win your registration fee back.

Registration closing date is February 13th, 2016

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Bring a gift?!
We are having a party, so that means balloons, games, a cake and GIFTS! What would a party be without gifts?! But for whom will the gifts be for, you may ask? The gifts will be for women at Transition House and for the Food Bank. 

We are asking that each lady bring a gift (wrapped or in a gift bag). During the evening we will have some fun opening the gifts which we will then be giving away to women who need them the most... This is going to be sooo much fun!! (If you can't afford to bring a gift don't worry we will have a couple extra gifts available.)

We contacted Transition House and the Food Bank and here is a list of "gifts" that they would like to have:

Transition House "Gifts" 
Hair spray
Cleaning supplies

Food Bank 
Spaghetti Pasta
Pasta sauce
Kraft Dinner
Canned Tomatoes

Event Info:
Date: Friday February 19, 2016 
          (Storm date: Saturday February 20, 2016)

Time: 5:30-11:00PM

Location: Douglas Church

Cost: $20/person*

Dress Code: 
Comfy clothes (some may want to wear their PJ's)

New this year: 
1) HUG A TREE -- and bring your own water bottle/thermal mug to hold your beverage!
2) TICKETS - register online and then get your ticket(s) from the WELCOME DESK or the CHURCH OFFICE

* (Don't let this hold you back as some wonderful ladies have 
donated the $$ to cover the cost for ladies who 
want to 
join us but just don't have the funds.) 

  Click here to REGISTER 
Registration must be received by -  February 13th, 2016

Register by January 31st, and pay your $20 registration fee,
for a chance to win your registration fee back.

** Once you have registered be sure to get your ticket(s)
from the WELCOME DESK or the CHURCH OFFICE) **

The night of the Party don't forget to bring...

1) Bring your lawn/camping chair

2) Your knitting or crocheting

3) A gift for the the party (as mentioned to the left)

4) HUG A TREE - and bring your own bottle and mug to hold your beverage!

5) Any item you said you would bring

6) Your friends

7) Your event ticket - (Be sure to get your ticket(s) from the WELCOME DESK or the CHURCH OFFICE)

8) Your sense of humour :)