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Christmas Project-Latrines in El Salvador

posted 5 Dec 2017, 06:11 by Peter Moore   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 06:23 ]
This year we will be partnering with Canadian Baptist Ministries and Enlace to support a project in El Salvador. 50% of our Christmas Offering will be going to provide latrines to needy families in El Salvador. $500 provides a family with an eco-friendly composting toilet facility and preventive health training, as well as ongoing technical and community support. 

Bad sanitation is one of the world's biggest killers. It affects women, children and the old and sick the most. The risk of intestinal infections TRIPLES for those who don't have a latrine at home. 1.7 Million people die each year as a result of diarrhea. 40% of the population in semi-rural and rural areas of El Salvador do not have access to latrines at home. The 2nd leading reason for medical checkups in El Salvador is treatment of parasites borne from fecal-contaminated water.

                                                                                         You can give to this project by using the special Christmas offering envelopes that have been                                                                                                     placed in church mail slots and in the pews or you can simply mark “Christmas Offering” on any                                                                                                 envelope or when sending an e-transfer to giving@douglaschurch.ca. Please give generously and                                                                                             let’s see how many toilets we can purchase together! (Source of Graphic and facts: Enlace)